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Yes, indeed, I have moved blogs yet again. I don’t wanna ramble on why, but… Yeah. Here it is. And for anyone who stops by here (Because apparently people do?), I suggest you scootch your ass on over to the new blog: I JUST WANNA XXX YOU. And no, it is not a porn site. *wink* The blog’s more general this time, and also a lot more… Professional? Maybe. Pompous? Probably a more appropriate word. Anyway, have fun

love the Perfume: My Perfume Story

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(First, I want to pray for all of the people in Japan right now… Thus far, all of my favorite artists are okay (Minorin was in a 12 story building though >__<), but obviously, a large chunk of Japan is not. I donated here, and you’d be a cool person if you did too. Also, Perfume is okay after the Tsunami. Praise Nakata :’D)

You would be surprised how much Perfume has impacted my life. I can honestly say that, if it was not for Perfume, I would not have done the awesome things I’ve done so far, and probably wouldn’t be making the decisions I am to shape my life in the future. Perfume is part of my life.

You see, up until Perfume, I really didn’t like music. A strange thought, but true. American pop has always sucked for me, and all the music I ended up liking always turned out to be from a foreign artist. Music was always just kinda… There, and I really didn’t have an opinion on it. However, once I got into Anime, I started to discover the awesomeness that is Japanese music. Sure, it was anime openings, but they were damn good ones. These introduced me to artists like Minori Chihara and UVERworld, two of my favorite artists to this day.

However, one day, I was searching for something about a character named Mikuru (From Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu) and I came across this video. Yeeeeeepp, you here that song? CHOKOREITO DISUKO NE~ Oh my lord I loved this song, but I was kind of embarrassed to. I mean really, their name was Perfume and they were singing about a Chocolate Disco? I was rather confused… But I loved it. They were my two favorite things in music: Techno and Jpop. I could not escape the Chocolate Disco (As if anyone can;;). Chocolate Disco led to Electro World and Computer City and most of their Pre-GAME stuff (I think I found them a little after Polyrhythm maybe?), and I fell in love with them. However, my love for music hadn’t really solidified and I ultimately stopped listening to Perfume for a few months.

One day, I was a-browsing the web when I was like “Oh yeah! Perfume! I need to listen to them!” At this point, GAME had passed, and so had love the world, and Dream Fighter was to be released that week. Not only did they release love the world on my FREAKING BIRHTDAY :DDDDDD But I listened to Dream FIghter and… God… I couldn’t contain my love for the song. It’s truly awesome beyond words. This is what started my life. From then on, I was addicted to Perfume. Not only that, but I had discovered more Japanese artists with them. And, to tell you the truth, Perfume is the reason why I love Music, the Japanese language, and even Photography so much, what I consider my biggest passions. Maybe not directly in all of these, but they would not be around in the first place without Perfume.¬†Perfume, again, is fused with my life and I couldn’t stop loving them if I tried. It just wouldn’t work. Because of this Perfume, I must say, thank you. You truly are the best thing that’s ever happened to me.

Another Perfume Single

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If you have not heard the news already, Perfume will actually be releasing a 4th single in their current era. You heard me right. 1, 2, 3, 4th. My mind is blown. This has never, NEVER happened before. You see, us Perfume fans were under the impression that 3 singles = an album. I mean, really, that has been the formula for every album to date (Even Complete Best if you don’t count the indies ones), that’s just how Perfume works. But, since Nakata, their producer, has decided to release his own album soon, he’s just gone and effed the whole system up. Thanks Nakata, thanks.

To be fair though, I’m a big supporter of letting artists take their time with releases, and I can honestly survive on very little release-age. I feel like Perfume just released Nee not too long ago, and WORLD WILD 2010 by Saori@destiny was just before that. So, I am glad Nakata’s taking his time instead of mass producing what would probably be really shitty music (Even if I would love it regardless…).

Honestly, the thing that angers me is not that we’re no longer getting 5-6 new songs from Perfume at once with an album, I think the worse part is that 575 and FAKE IT are definitely NOT gonna be on the album now. Do you know how inconvenient it is for those songs to be in a different album on my iTunes/How much it will bug me if I do add them to the album and no longer have the proper track list. Ugg… My life is so complicated T^T

But really, I’m excite. Only thing that could make me less excite is that if they use orange for the color-scheme for the single. For some reason, I have a feeling that they will do that and it will end terribly, but that’s just me. I’ll whore it to death either way. (Don’t believe me? NnKS, FnG, Nee, and FAKE IT are my 4 most played songs… and 575 is 6th… And VOICE is in the low 20s (lol. VOICE fail)